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Seeking some additional moderators

Posted over 12 years ago

I've been planning on getting some new features out to expand the moderation process a bit lately but I've been moving through primary computers for a good 3-4 weeks now, so I haven't really been in the development saddle, so to speak. I'm hoping this situation will be fixed up by this week so I can start getting some solid work finished on new features for Good-Tutorials.

In the meantime, that means that I don't quite have the moderation process where I'd envisioned it about a month ago, so to help keep the quality of tutorial moderation at the level we'd want it at I'm looking to get a few more volunteers on the moderation staff.

As I've mentioned a few times in the past, there aren't too many requirements beyond just making sure to go in and rate tutorials on a near-daily basis. I'm hoping that once I can get back to the regular pace of things I can start organizing some interesting fringe benefits for moderators, so that might tickle your fancy down the line if you're interested. In the meantime, it's just more of a casual task aimed towards those of you who are already visiting the site on a near-daily basis anyway.

If you're interested in joining the moderation crew, send an email to zach at good-tutorials with your username on the site and a quick sentence or two describing why you think you're a good fit to moderate tutorials. If you have any questions about becoming a moderator either let me know via email or just post a comment below. Thanks.

avatarCanonBlogger over 12 years ago

Are there any restrictions on posting tutorials if you are a moderator? (I would imagine you are not allowed to rate your own tutorials for obvious reasons...but what about posting tutorials for others to rate/moderate)? If not, I'll help out if you like. While I may not always make the best ones, if something is good I'll be happy to give it props... :)

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 12 years ago

Yup, you're right- moderators can submit but they can't rate their own tutorials, for obvious reasons.

avatarcoolalex over 12 years ago

I will send you an email =]

avatarCanonBlogger over 12 years ago


avatarblackmane over 12 years ago

I wouldn't mind becoming a mod, I visit the site most of the time and I submit a lot of tuts. Send me an e-mail and i'll see how it turns out.

avatarcoolalex over 12 years ago

Email sent, good luck to everyone, it would be a great honor to be a moderator for Zach :)

avatarguyd over 12 years ago

email sent and looking forward to being apart of g-t

thanks and look forward to the response

avatarshadex over 12 years ago

I have also sent an application :) I'm crawling through tutorials on this website for ages now and to be apart of Good Tutorials would be simply delicious.

avatarcoolalex over 12 years ago

Thanks for the honor of letting me write tutorials zach!

It would be nice if my tutorials didn't show up in my queue though!

I will not let you down!

avatarFilm11 over 12 years ago

Welcome to the new moderators!

coolalex: you can't rate your own tutorials as far as I know, so it really isn't an issue :)

avatarcoolalex over 12 years ago

I don't want to try :P

Its just that my tutorial shows up in my queue though and its kind of annoying

avatarKristopher over 12 years ago

You know its yours so just ignore it, It really shouldnt be to big of a deal!

avatarMentalTrans over 12 years ago

Congrads to all Noob G-T Mods.

avatarCleardetails over 12 years ago

The front looks so dead, mybe some mods need to lighten up and stop rating tutorials terrible so fresh tutorials can go up.

avatarsunjester over 12 years ago

ever thought about new sections? like Java or any other kind of programming/design tutorial sections?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 12 years ago

Yup; it's actually be awhile since we've added new sections, actually, so we might be due here shortly.

avatarMentalTrans over 12 years ago

@Cleardetails - Not very day we have mass amounts of tutorials in the 'Q'.Right now there are about 12-15 and most of those are "How to make this signature" tutorials.

avatarCleardetails over 12 years ago

Oh, well i submitted two template tutorials that never made it. :\

avatarFilm11 over 12 years ago

I must agree that moderators are still being far too harsh with the ratings, in my opinion :/

I hardly ever see any tutorial in the queue with a score above 2, so I'm not exactly sure what will please most of them.

I for one will rate a tutorial that reads well and looks good as a 5, simple as.

avatarCleardetails over 12 years ago

Can people still apply for this position?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 12 years ago

Sure, I'm always open to at least looking at new applicants.

avatareXanock over 12 years ago

I'd love helping you :D

avatarDhruvin over 12 years ago

Im going to give an app :) bdw hello all.

avatarDhruvin over 12 years ago

o no edit function. Sorry for double post but is the email zack@good-tutorails

Please post the correct one if not so.


avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 12 years ago

It's zach @ good-tutorials.

avatarDhruvin over 12 years ago

Ok thanks.

I have sent you a email.

Please say if you have received it.

Regards -Dhruv

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