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New feature of the night: edit your tutorial URLs

Posted over 12 years ago

Long time no update.

I admit; I've been busy in real life and just haven't been able to push out new and crafty updates like we'd all like. But tonight I pushed out a new, much-needed, and long-awaited feature: the ability to edit your own tutorial URLs.

It does happen from time to time: you switch hosts, you update your blogging software, and so on. The past few years we've relied on a non-standardized email process, which, if you've ever had to go through it, sucked. It was clunky, took too many steps, and just took awhile before changes finally were updated.

Now you can log in and move to your account management page: click on update your tutorial URLs and you can see a listing of all of your tutorials. Just paste in the changed URLs for whichever tutorial you're updating and that's it. There's still a review process here just so we can make sure that new URLs submitted are valid and working, but from this point it's really a one-click process that shouldn't take more than a day or so after you submit your updates. The result? If you change your website URLs around, you should only be a day or so away from getting them updated on Good-Tutorials, too.

avataruserbars over 12 years ago

Good to hear. :)

avatarDale over 12 years ago

Decent, I've been waiting for this for a while. updates tutorials

avatarshadex over 12 years ago

Great, finally ;) I e-mailed you a few days ago for some link changes ^^ Well, I'm glad you came up with this solution.

avatarFilm11 over 12 years ago

Good to see!

A small suggestion: perhaps put a small suggestion on the Submit Tutorial page to notify users, who perhaps don't read the blog, of this new feature. This may lower the number of duplicate tutorials :)

avatarEli over 12 years ago

Very useful feature, good to finally be here! The thing with this kind of feature though is trust, can you trust the people with updating the URLs? I guess that might be why you've made it so you have to approve all of the changes?

And I suspect only the submitter of the tutorial will be able to change the URL, and that's it, right?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 12 years ago

Yup, Eli. It's just a quick verification process from my end; you can only update the URLs to tutorials you own, and they still have to be reviewed just in case. I think it'll relieve a lot of stress involving URL changes for everyone, so that'll definitely be a plus.

avatarJason.Kenyon over 12 years ago

This is a great idea however I have a small suggestion that might improve this system a bit more. When someone updates their links to the tutorial maybe having it display where the tutorials are listed right beside the name of it have something like ( Link has been changed and is awaiting review, link may be dead or inactive please check back ) This way you don't get alot of reports of dead links when indeed its just pending the link change ;) Just a suggestion :P

avatarFoundation Flash about 12 years ago
avatarsurfnlearn about 12 years ago

Awesome feature!

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