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A slight refresh

Posted about 13 years ago

So with all of these minor tweaks, additions, and behind-the-scenes retooling, it seemed appropriate to make some more readily apparent changes. I'll call it a slight refresh.

The menu is probably the first thing that caught your eye. The uppercase menu text has been dropped for a more legible menu listing, with stronger color. Readability is the goal here. I've also split up the different sections of the menu so it's not just one big blob on the side of the screen. This isn't necessarily the last iteration of the menu that you'll see, as things might be changing as more topics are added.

One of the reasons the menu changed, however, was that I moved the category listings (not the topic listings) from the sidebar to inside the topic pages itself. For example, here's the new tutorial listing for Photoshop:


Categories within the topic are moved to the top of the tutorial listings, and the tutorial sorting and RSS feed link are integrated rather than just floating about.

There's also some more minor style changes across the site... for example, uppercase has been dropped from headings, too, and error boxes aren't so crazy ugly. There should be some more additions to the site in the next few days as well, so feel free to keep your eyes peeled. :)

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 13 years ago

...annnnd for those of you on IE, those problems will be taken care of momentarily. It just so happens that my IE machine has conked out for the moment. :\

avatarxiao about 13 years ago

I think a bigger space between the lowest text and the bottom of every menu would look better. £But it's a nice restyle overall :-)

avatarEli about 13 years ago

The little gray RSS icon on the Photoshop page is a little botched (looks resized)

Annnnnnnnnnnd...... as for the menu text... it looks too bold now, I preferred how it looked before. But that's just my opinion.

avatarxiao about 13 years ago

Your ads are resized too.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 13 years ago

Ad sizes are the same, although I did add that rectangle ad to the tutorials listing.

Eli- strange, it looks decent enough to me. It's also just the normal RSS icon, too.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 13 years ago

Actually, no, we're both right; forgot to change the image height/width. One second. :)

avatarMentalTrans about 13 years ago

Looks good!I'll be sure to keep my eye out. :)

avatarVash about 13 years ago

Oh dear.

The menu may be more readable but... looks ugly. Really ugly.

Bold black writing on pink? PINK!?! Switch it back so it looks professional again!

avatarMentalTrans about 13 years ago

It's more grey then pink.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 13 years ago

I'd call it a number of things, but not pink. :)

avatarKristopher about 13 years ago

Zach you made the right choice on making it easier to find but it just looks like its missing something. If I was a first time user here it would be great I would know exactly where to look for the tutorials but during the time it took me to type this up so far its growing on me and I totally forgot where I was going with this post.

avatarVash about 13 years ago

Well, not bright pink or anything. Just very pale pink.

avatarwordedwrong about 13 years ago

I'm not feeling those colors...

avatarconceptshowcase about 13 years ago

Also if you view the photoshop page in IE, the ad box is positioned under RSS link instead of next to the sub cats when viewed in Firefox.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 13 years ago

Yeah- had it working decently enough in ie6, but ie7 is giving me troubles now. And they wonder why developers tend to dislike Microsoft.

avatarVash about 13 years ago

Get it to work in IE7, don't bother with IE6. MS have finally got a semi-decent browser with IE7, unlike IE7.

It sounds harsh I know but people do need to upgrade their IE now!!

avatarVash about 13 years ago

opps, that second line should be "unlike IE6"


avatarVash about 13 years ago

Just something I noticed how come I can no longer change my e-mail address, password or viewing preferences?

Mac OS X 10.4.10, Safari 302 (522.12).

avatarVash about 13 years ago

Dammit, found it! It's now under 'Account' (top right) then 'Edit Profile', bit confusing...

avatarrobert about 13 years ago

Zach, the changes seem good enough to me

but you have a big problem with the moderators now. I don't see a single tutorial on the queue over 3.0 (which is the approval usually) nowadays. Do something about it, because a lot of good tutorials are getting declined.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 13 years ago

For one, approval isn't 3.0, and secondly, I do keep tabs on the queue many times a day- I haven't noticed anything slipping by that shouldn't have.

avatarMentalTrans about 13 years ago

Chill Rob,I see about 8 good ones in the queue right now.

avatarrobert about 13 years ago

I was just giving ideas that it might be too many moderators or something, but if you keep an eye out on the queue then it should be fine.

avatardevelopnew about 13 years ago

Hi zachholman,

What's going on. You are allowing adults addvertisment in your site. This is not good for your visitor and other.

thanks Bali (develop)

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 13 years ago

Most certainly not. If you see any adult ads, let me know via email what ad it's for, which company runs it, and so on. If they're slipping through I'll definitely want to know which ad network is royally screwing up.

avatarMichael12lv 8 months ago

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