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3ds Max, meet Good-Tutorials

Posted almost 13 years ago

After adding the usual suspects (Flash, Illustrator, PHP, etc.), the suggestion that kept popping up in my inbox was fairly consistently "Add 3ds Max to Good-Tutorials!". While I don't want to dilute the main focus of Good-Tutorials with every random bit of software (you won't find any tutorials for WordPerfect 9 any time soon, for example), it seems like there's a lot of overlap between those interested in what's currently listed on Good-Tutorials and those interested in learning more about 3ds Max. So, after a day or two while we wait for the first few 3ds Max tutorials to be submitted, go ahead and check out the new 3ds Max tutorials.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 13 years ago

Also, apologies if anyone was blinded by an absurd blinking banner today. It's been removed. (I use the site too, and yes, they annoy the hell out of me too.)

avatarxiao almost 13 years ago

Was it the "you're visitor 999,999" thing? Anyway, cool to see another new category :) It contained tutorials and submissions before I noticed it :D

avatarMentalTrans almost 13 years ago

I've been wondering if you were going to add 3D.

I've been wondering have you thought about adding a set of forums to G-T?It would be great to talk to all the visiters that visit G-T.


avatarxiao almost 13 years ago

I agree :)

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 13 years ago

Yeah, I believe it was some sort of visitor xxx,xxx banner. I usually auto-block those types of things, but that one apparently snuck past the filters on my ad networks.

I've thought about adding forums a lot. Nothing new to comment on about it though.

avatarKristopher almost 13 years ago

With all the moderators its starting to get a digg feel! But its nice to see all the comments on the tutorials in the queue and you can say wow that guys thinks exactly what I think!

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 13 years ago

Oh, I'm loving the commenting. It's great to see some discussion going on. And with all the commenting going on in the queue I think it's become pretty helpful to tutorial authors so they know what they're doing right, what they should improve upon, and so on. I'll be working on improving the discussion aspect of the site more and more as we progress.

avatarpaskuvaan over 12 years ago

i agree with u x)

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