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JavaScript Tutorials

Posted over 13 years ago

With Flash released earlier and CSS and HTML tutorials added recently, it seemed suitable to finish up the major portions of client-side development today with JavaScript tutorials. Have a ball learning about adding some dynamic user interactions to your website.

Yes, I realize the problem here: with more and more topics getting added, some portions of the site get a little bit hairy. There will be a refresh for the sidebar here shortly, and hot on its heels will be a few smaller changes for the tutorial submission form (since I know at this point it can be a real pain to scroll through all of those entries).

Enjoy some JavaScript.

avatarDylan over 13 years ago

I honestly think this is about as far as you should go tutorial-wise. I'd say just keep it as a web developement based tutorial site. Other than that it looks great and I'm really enjoying seeing this progress being made. Just keep it up and don't do what most people do and just relax for a long time after they make a large update to their site. Not saying you should dedicate your life to it, but updates are always a nice thing to see.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 13 years ago

To be honest, there's still some aspects that I'd still like to cover. I don't want to end up with a whole slew of tutorial topics that most don't use, but on the other hand I think there's still some areas that would help out a lot of people (particularly in the graphic design/web development community). I'm certainly not just tossing out random topics just to see what sticks; there's a method to my madness. :)

And yes... I have plenty in store yet for Good-Tutorials. In about a week I'll be finished up with classes and I'll be able to devote more time towards development. That means there will be updates with more meat to them- new features and the like, for example.

avatarDylan over 13 years ago

Awesome, can't wait for the new updates.

avatarKristopher over 13 years ago

Nice addition! Are you still planning on adding features weekly like you talked about in the post describing this version? I think you said you were going to pick a day and that day there would always be a new feature? Is that still planned?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 13 years ago

Heh, I was wondering if someone was going to bring that up. :) I just haven't gotten around to finalizing a release schedule yet. I've tried to keep adding new features and functionality to a near-weekly basis regardless, and that will continue into the future. Whether or not I'll actually designate an "update day" as I had planned remains to be seen, but the general idea is the same: I'll be adding new features regularly.

avatarIkzy over 13 years ago

i think out of usability perspective you should differ in 2 main sections: web tools and photo/design tools

for example: Flash = the web tool where illustrator is the designtool

too busy to write my vision out but i hope you get the drift/idea

avatarMentalTrans over 13 years ago

Nice to see your accpting more coding tutorials.

I have a suggestion,this there away you can maybe add something to the "Saved Tutorials" to break them up into groups? Like you have on of the "Q".It would make it easyer to find a saved tutorial,now as it is I have alot of saved and I have scroll,scroll,scroll to find the tutorial i'm looking for.

avatarKreso over 13 years ago

you should consider asp for your next new category :)

avatarPrateekSaxena over 13 years ago

JavaScript category is a good idea! Just added a tutorial :)

avatarsanthasing247 about 1 month ago

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avatarDouglasM 3 days ago

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