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avatarTanz over 10 years ago

Ahh it cut my comment off...

avatarKull over 10 years ago

Awesome indeed, this new version is so so good.

I'd love to see a flash topic btw.

avatarTanz over 10 years ago

Ok well it's the first time I've really had a play around since I saw the new version this morning. Got to love lessons at school on computers, especially since I got to see what it looks like from a Mac point of view.

Just a few things I've noticed so far then.

When in your "account" area, firstly, the menu at the top used for selecting different pages disapears when you go to "public profile" page, which to be honest I can see why it happens, but I don't like how it disapears when you go to "submit tutorial" page.

When I go to the manage tutorials page, I get 0% comming up, as I don't submit - although have thought about it, except for "nan% of submitted tutorials make the front page" which I guess you will understand more, because it's using stats that are new.

Another thing I noticed is when I click on a tutorial, either on the front page or in the Q section, it opens the tutorial in the same window, or tab as I'm using Firefox, which is different to the last version. Just wondering if this is deliberate or if it's accidental, either way I would still prefer the old menthod of it opening in a new window. Who knows, it could become an option?

Ok, another little thing I found was when you look at the information about a tutorial, like how much it has been clicked. The total clicks is right, but apparently, it has had no clicks this month or even today. Funny that, it says it was added to the front page today lol.

Also, in that section, it says that the tutorial has had X number of saves. But unlike the previous version, I can't see who has saved it. Also, when I look at my list of saved tutorials, is it now in the order that I saved them, not most popular as before?

On the front page, where has the "yesterdays tutorials" link gone, even though it would probably be more suited to something like, "previous 15 tutorials" or something.

Under that, I know it's a new blog system, but I would like the previous comments box back, along with previ

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 10 years ago

cleartutsdave- Your tutorials will eventually get reviewed in 24 hours. Right now we have a big of a backlog, so it's going to be a week or so until we finally get all caught up. But yes, it should be quite an improvement over the old system.

Thanks for the comments, Gesiwuj! I'm glad the awesomeness quotient of this version is much higher. Maybe it's fitting since I'm wearing my sublimi'mawesomeinal threadless tee today:


avatarGesiwuj over 10 years ago

Seems to take forever to load for me...

avatarGesiwuj over 10 years ago

DUDE THIS IS COMPLETELY AWESOME! Remember when v4 was a bit of a disappointment but you promised v5 would be awesome - well you were right! Pure awesome!!!!

avatarzareki over 10 years ago
Original Tutorial: The linux penguin

Its a great guide to a great outcome. The only problem I had was that the guide was to long

avatarEikichi over 10 years ago
Original Tutorial: Glamour Effect

It seems like there is no tutorial... both in Firefox and IE. Reported.

avatarcleartutsdave over 10 years ago

Well I'm loving the new version! It's especially awesome that my tutorials get accepted so much quicker. And I guess I'll start workin' on some flash tutorials!

avatarEli over 10 years ago

Sorry for double post here, but Zach, would you please email me your MSN address? I need to talk to you about the new version of GT...