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avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 11 years ago
Original Post: JavaScript Tutorials

To be honest, there's still some aspects that I'd still like to cover. I don't want to end up with a whole slew of tutorial topics that most don't use, but on the other hand I think there's still some areas that would help out a lot of people (particularly in the graphic design/web development community). I'm certainly not just tossing out random topics just to see what sticks; there's a method to my madness. :)

And yes... I have plenty in store yet for Good-Tutorials. In about a week I'll be finished up with classes and I'll be able to devote more time towards development. That means there will be updates with more meat to them- new features and the like, for example.

avatarDylan over 11 years ago
Original Post: JavaScript Tutorials

I honestly think this is about as far as you should go tutorial-wise. I'd say just keep it as a web developement based tutorial site. Other than that it looks great and I'm really enjoying seeing this progress being made. Just keep it up and don't do what most people do and just relax for a long time after they make a large update to their site. Not saying you should dedicate your life to it, but updates are always a nice thing to see.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 11 years ago
Original Tutorial: Random Image Link

This tutorial is a little short on explanation of code. For future reference, it's best if submissions are more about the learning process rather than just "hey, here's some code, copy and paste it into your site".

avatarKristopher over 11 years ago


Looking good, as mentioned above editing a comment you made say with in like 5 minutes or something would be pretty good incase you made a typo or something or maybe make it if you want to add something to your post you can without making a new post. Just something to think about.

Keep up the good work!

avatarras01 over 11 years ago

nice once

avatarCelox over 11 years ago

That's another way to do it indeed. But if you press Ctrl+L it applies to the image and you can't adjust the levels later. Ofcourse you can go step(s) back but I rather use a Levels adjustment layer, this will give you the option to adjust the levels or any other adjustment layer for that matter.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 11 years ago
Original Tutorial: Glossy Blue Web Button

This isn't a CSS tutorial.

avatarNelsaidi over 11 years ago

Wait, this is off topic but want it seen.

The title of the GT homepage is Photoshop tutorials + flash, change it. other than that its a great site. gk Nour

avatarMissionSix over 11 years ago

Are you going to add track back or ping back to comments made on our tutorials on this site?

Would be a great way to boost author sites as well as interaction on the tutorial commenting level...

avatarVisualSurge over 11 years ago
Original Tutorial: Simple Contant Form

Spell much?