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Newest Tutorials

Photoshop » Drawing — about 5 hours ago
In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a simple microwave with basic tools in Photoshop.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — about 10 hours ago
Learn how to create a magic photo manipulation with the big curly cloud, crescent above the winter landscape and Christmas trees.
Illustrator » Patterns — about 10 hours ago
Here is a 5 minute tutorial demonstrating how to make polka dot pattern swatches in Adobe Illustrator CS6. The Pattern Maker tool in Illustrator comes with tons of options, I am just outlining here the quickest, simplest way to make a great polka-dot pattern for your graphics that you can save in your Swatches palate and use again and again.
Illustrator » Logos and Icons — about 10 hours ago
I will show you in this tutorial not only how to create type in a circle, but how to use your alignment tools in Illustrator to make sure your logo is perfectly centered. Also we will spice it up a little bit to make it stand out as a bold star logo. At the end of the video there is another little tip to help you if your strokes are not scaling down properly.
Photography » Technique — about 10 hours ago
In this image editing tutorial, we will explore who to whiten teeth in Photoshop CC 2014 in a quick and nondestructive methods using masks and adjustment layers.
Photoshop » Photo Retouch — about 10 hours ago
In this Photoshop CC video tutorial I will show you how to take a image of a Vintage French Postcard which is quite small and low-resolution and repair and restore it, as well as up-size it to approximately 4 by 6 inches and 300 pixels per inch.
Photoshop » Drawing — about 10 hours ago
Jason, the creator of the DIY Watercolor Bundle has put together a fun tutorial showing you how to digitally color a pencil sketch using items from his deal.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 10 hours ago
This video will take you through the Lightroom workflow behind taking a photo from boring and flat to dynamic and engaging.
Photography » Technique — about 10 hours ago
Even if you’ve been around photography for quite some time, you may never have heard of blue hour photography. Sure, you likely have heard of the term “golden hours” before – the time just prior to sunset or right after sunrise – but what is this so-called blue hour?
Photography » Basics — about 12 hours ago
Professional photographers these days are coming up with a line-up of unique concepts that can effectively cater to the distinct personalities of the subjects. The trends in WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY are always changing. Photographers recognize that not all couples are conventional and want to follow the traditional fairy-tale concept where everything is bright and perfect; therefore, they offer innovative and flexible concepts that are more fitting for these special clients.
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