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Newest Tutorials

Photography » Tips and Tricks — 9 days ago
Getting great studio lighting in your portraiture doesn’t have to mean an intricate setup. And most times simplicity works best. All you need is a strobe or two and a plain, dark background.
Photography » Lighting — 9 days ago
Black and white photos can be powerful and inspiring, but it’s not always simple. With digital photography it is easy to convert a color photo to black and white, but if you want to get quality black and white images you will need to do more than simply take that RAW file or JPG file straight out of your camera and convert it to black and white.
Photography » Technique — 9 days ago
If you shoot macro photography, you know that you have to focus on just a little bit of content, so your final image will be out of focus in some areas. There’s no way around that—until you get to post production.
Photography » Technique — 9 days ago
On a dull day, it can be used to simulate sunlight and add contrast to a photograph. In this situation, the flash is the main light source, and its direction should be above and perhaps to one side of the subject, just like sunlight. This entails the use of an off-camera flash. It’s important to remember that even on a dull day, the natural light is directional, and when used correctly, the flash should augment that natural light.
Photography » Basics — 9 days ago
Tolar chases sunrises while others still sleep and dream. At the earliest hours, he’s already out there hunting for images. And he thinks you should do that, too. Landscape photography is best accomplished before, during, and right after sunrise.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 10 days ago
Most photographers start shooting with the sun behind them. After all, it’s what many beginning photography books suggest. But, that’s really missing out on a great part of portraiture—backlight.
Photography » Lighting — 10 days ago
When you start out as a photographer, you probably don’t have a lot of equipment or money, so you need to come up with unique ways of using what you do have to create professional, beautiful looking images that sell.
Photoshop » Designing — 10 days ago
Try your hand at making this playful valentines wallpaper in Photoshop for your loved one!
PHP » Content Management Systems — 10 days ago
If you are moving to a new domain, here is how to 301 Redirect WordPress on Addon Domains using htaccess, without hurting your page rank.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 10 days ago
Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to create a multidirectional, optical illusion, photo portrait. Is the face looking to the left or towards the camera?
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