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Newest Tutorials

PHP » Date and Time — 3 days ago
Working with Dates and Times prior to PHP 5.2 meant using date(), strtotime(), and other date related functions sometimes in convoluted ways to get to the date(s) you were looking for. Fortunately with PHP 5.2 the DateTime() class were introduced. (DateTimeZone() was introduced as well but is not covered here). It was further enhanced in PHP with additionally methods as well as the new DatePeriod() and DateInterval() classes.
Photoshop » Designing — 3 days ago
This tutorial will take you through the basic steps of creating an eye catching flyer using Adobe Photoshop.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — 3 days ago
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a fan-made Godzilla-inspired movie poster in Adobe Photoshop.
HTML » Basics — 3 days ago
Email marketing is a powerful medium to reach out to prospective customers. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds since cheap tricks don’t work anymore.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — 3 days ago
The tutorial explains how to create a simple walking man effect using CSS3 animation
Photoshop » Photo Effects — 3 days ago
A collection of excellent photoshop tutorials to learn before the end of the year.
HTML » Basics — 3 days ago
I have listed a few search engine optimization (SEO) tips that can help you get listed in the organic search results.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 3 days ago
Want to know the secrets to revealing the intimate moments behind every “I do”? Get eight pro tips for creating perfectly lit, romantic portraits. Plus, see here for your chance to take award-winning photographer Kirsten Lewis’ online Craftsy class, Documentary-Style Wedding Portraits (a $59.99 value), and develop your signature style as you learn how to capture compelling wedding photos that will thrill your clients and build your business.
Photography » Basics — 3 days ago
The DIY zoom lens, macro lens, tripod, and shutter cable are downright ingenious. The underwater housing tip, however, seems a bit risky. It may be wiser to buy a cheap underwater camera than to put your smartphone underwater.
Photography » Basics — 3 days ago
Mads Perch is a Danish-born, London-based photographer, whose creative artistry has gained him international recognition, particularly in the music world. Although he has an eclectic range of clients and genres, he’s best known for capturing the soul and feel of a band.
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